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About Us

Our Mission

Over the past 20 years the core executive team of Summa Caussa, and our partner Kmunitii, have been working with non-profit organizations, entertainment brands, artist and festivals to help increase the awareness and drive more interaction with a mobilized audience. We have created a number of communities that have delivered results for our clients and partners.

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Who We Are

Jenny Craig influenced/changed the weight loss industry by combing her prepackaged meals with meetings and ‘counseling’.  Not only was she creating a sense of accountability, she was the first in the industry (one of the first?) to capitalize on the concept of building a ‘community’ – a group of people with a common interest and similar goals that encourage and benefit each other.

Summa Caussa builds on this successful community concept, by building communities around the mission and good works of nonprofit organizations.   In partnership with the Kmunitii platform, Summa Caussa mobilizes fans (and soon to be fans) by providing fun and engaging activities, in exchange for rewards and recognition.

For-profit companies’ partner with Summa Caussa and the not-for-profit, to have access to these fans through both the activities and the rewards provided to them.  This partnership creates a sustainable income for the not-for-profit agency, so they can focus their efforts on impacting their clients.

Summa Caussa has an intense passion for helping nonprofits create sustainable relationships, while also engaging supporters and ‘fans’.

“By working Summa Caussa you can drive more awareness and more importantly drive results with a call to action that makes a difference\”

Your Impact on Society Starts Here

Leverage your local, regional, national or international community and engage with them. Work together and reward the most active ambassadors for your cause, brand message or activation.