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These are a small sample of companies that we have worked with around the World with events, and media companies. We pride ourselves in delivering quality sponsors to our clients projects.

Introducing our sponsorship sales solution; brand conneXtion.  We have combined all the experience from the past 30 years of selling events, tv and radio shows and media campaigns to companies that have an alignment with the audience of our projects.


Planning is one of the most important part of any sponsorship strategy.  Having the right structure and outline is essential to creating strong opportunites to sponsors


Understanding the strengths & features of your project helps our discovery team create a list of qualified prospects that are relevant for your project & audience.

Development & Outreach

Having a great list of prospects is only part of the overall process of securing great sponsors.   We use our internal resources to connect with decision makers, and introduce deals to your organization.

Activation & Management

A successful relationship is when the project gives the sponsor a return on their investment and adds value to a  project.  We work with the sponsor and the client on an on-going basis.

What We Do: Connect Sponsors With Projects

That’s what brand conneXtion does. We identify prospective sponsors for your project.

A project is only as good as the money it brings in to support the operational and user experience for the audience, and our experience gives your team the professionalism to deliver a comprehensive package to the sponsors.

We know what sponsors are looking for, and we have the databases to allow us to access decision makers in companies that you want to have as your sponsors.

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Objective: Engage with Customers

It sounds simple, and it should be.  But we see so many projects that just make it too complicated or they just don’t highlight the main features and benefits to the prospective sponsors.

We have helped design and execute some of the most effective partnerships, engaging audiences and yielding revenue, and ROI for both the Sponsors and those sponsored.

Experience: A team of dedicated professionals

We pride ourselves in having the best sales & marketing professionals as part of our team. Developing the plan and executing is only a part of the overall work we do. We also frequently identify and prioritize prospective Sponsors, and leveraging our extensive databases, to we set up and drive productive conversations with decision makers with prospective Sponsors.

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Valuable Data We provide data to the sponsors

In today’s marketing World data and analytics are what make or break a sponsor’s decision to partner with projects that engage with an audience. We also offer platforms that can significantly enhance audience engagement.

Focusing on their goals and targeted outcomes, we work with our Clients to develop data tracking solutions and capture mechanics that are best for their specific situation.